These offers are only for my Hedgehogs4U owners and not for the public. That will count for my cages and running wheels.


85cm x 50cm H x 41cm W

The following are included in the cage package = R1300 per package  (pink & blue)

1. 1 x 85cm Cage - Available in colours pink & blue

2. 1 x house - Available in colour blue (green out of stock)

3. 1 x water bowl - Available in colours blue and green

4. 1 x litter tray (only colour green)

5. 1 x food bowl - Available in colours blue and green

Please refer to pictures below on this page for the houses etc.  

Running wheels excluded they are R330 each

Running Wheel @ R330 each

Colours = Blue, Green and Pink as per picture 

Refer to above for prices

Note below pictures are old stock and I am using them as an example.

85cm Wide x 50cm H x 41cm W

         - excluding running wheel (add @ R330 each - colours blue, pink & green) - This cage opens from the top 

CAGE PACKAGE: 2 SIZES (at this stage only the 85cm as the 102cm is out of stock)




Another design for 85cm cages - Only available in blue and green as per below pictures

This design is not available in 102cm cages




102cm Wide x 50cm H x 41cm (Limited Stock available)

- excluding running wheel (add @ R330 each - colours blue, green and pink) - This cage opens from the front and the top











Running wheels

@ R330 each

The wheels are big they are 31cm high and 28cm wide

Available in colours green, pink & blue with an extra black rubber lining on the in-side to protect their feet. 


250 ml Water-bottles available in green & blue if out of stock I will replace it with 2 x 125ml bottles or similar bottles

Houses available in colour green & blue

Food Bowls available in colours blue, pink and green - design might differ depends on available stock -

Pink food bowl are out of stock

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