As I'm specializing in the Pinto range, I offer the following patterns and facial markings.  Only in Grey (salt & pepper), chocolate, brown & cream color.

What is pinto?

You get your normal APH that is only one color for example salt & pepper (new name is grey), chocolate, cinnicot etc. – there are 100 different colors so they say but not in SA. Pinto is a “white marking” mixed with the true color. You get different levels of pinto:

* Pinto carrier SOLID colour (no white marking but carries the gene),

* Low pinto (that will be one white marking on the side or sides of the hedgehog,

* Medium pinto (50% more colour quills and less than 50% white quills), 

* High Pinto (more white than the color, bigger white patches - 50% more white than colour quills),

* Reverse Pinto (Majority will be white quills with only a few colour quills but it could have mismatch ears, patch eyes but the face is white)

* Full reverse pinto (white with black eyes). Only a few people in SA breed with the pinto gene.   Very rare marking.

Facial markings: 

* Blaze – blaze could be anything from a mismatch color ear, nose (called snip nose), white stripe between the eyes down to the nose of partial blaze stripe (to the middle of the face).

* Your top of the range facial marking in SA is your Splitface, the facial marking will be half white - half black / grey (and now the badger stripes).

Very important!!! The color / genes of your babies are based on 8 generations back so each and every batch are different.


Below are examples of what the different markings looks like, from the Hedgehogs4u family:

Albino is white with RED eyes, I hardly EVER get albino's my bloodlines are too strong







 What is a Hedgehog?

Hedgehogs are a small, insectivorous mammal that can be found throughout the world.  The once I'm selling are called African Pygmy hedgehogs and they are domestic animals.

You don't need a permit for an African Pygmy hedgehog in Gauteng as they are classified as an exotic pet.  The average African Pygmy Hedgehog weights about 500g, fits in your hand.  Your pet should be kept indoors at normal room temperature (+-22 degrees).  You will need a heating pad in the winter to keep them warm.  

A hedgehog needs a cage with good ventilation (NOT a fish tank type of cage).  They can be fed a good quality dry cat food, need bedding in their cage, a house, water bottle, food bowl and a running wheel for exercise to keep them fit and healthy.  I recommend a running wheel that doesn't have a smooth level like a bowl as your hedgie might slip off and get hurt, it should have a solid / softlining on the inside.  

You form your own hedgehog once it's going home (yes their is a secret behind this that I share with my new hedgehog owners).  

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