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Please take the time and read my website.

My name is Ronel and yes I'm a proud Hedgehog breeder ❤️.  

I've started breeding African Pigmy Hedgehogs 8+ years ago, probably the oldest breeder in SA that is still breeding. This is purely my passion in life, I'm working full time and absolutely adore my animals. I'm based in Gauteng - Centurion (In the middle of Pretoria and Johannesburg), South Africa.

You are welcome to contact me on 083 253 3077 if interested.

Collections happen only on a Saturday unless otherwise specified on my website, I'm working during the week and Sundays are for my family.

I take pride in the quality of PETS I'm breeding and my service delivery to new Hedgehogs4u owners .  If you have a look at my "Happy Owners" page on my website (page 3) it will speak for itself. Over 300 photos.  I can also give you references or telephone numbers from previous buyers for you to confirm my excellent quality hedgehog that I'm selling.

I don't offer an after care support service anymore and therefore dropped my prices on my hedgies.  I find that some people are not reading / following my care sheet and these are the people who require after care support and the animal is suffering under this.  If you follow my 8+ years of experience that is on my care sheet you will have a super tame baby.

Available babies are listed on PAGE 2 on my website. (Deposit confirms your booking).  15 November 2020 I've implemented two pricing options please inquire about the difference if interested in a baby.  When booking your baby with me you will receive a good quality, healthy hedgehog and a full detailed care sheet of 5 pages to help you to take the best care of your new baby and to have the most amazing per ever.

You are welcome to contact me on 083 253 3077.

I only sell to people that are staying in Gauteng province as there are different restrictions per province and you don't need a permit for Gauteng.

I spesialise in breeding PETS, a top quality hedgehog, excellent blood lines, no inbreeding and according to a breeding plan. I also offer fully equipped cages and running wheels to my Hedgehogs4U owners.

I breed the full Pinto range including special facial markings (more info on this refer to the "About Hedgehogs" page on the website).  I mostly breed colours salt & pepper, cinnicot and chocolate with Pinto markings and special facial markings like split-face, pinto face, blaze face and also full reverse pinto hedgehogs. 

You do get scams in the hedgehog industry and that is the reason why I've started my "Happy Owners" page a few years ago. The photos loaded on the page are from people that bought their hedgehogs from me. I'm loading each photo with their permission and they are all marked with "Hedgehogs4U" as proof that its my hedgehogs and not random photos.

Hedgehogs are a very spesialised animal. Not that easy to breed them and it takes a good breeder to breed PETS and a good quality hedgehog. I'm only breeding a certain amount of hedgehogs every month to make sure that not only my hedgehogs but also the babies are receiving all the attention they need.

I don't sell to people under the age of 25. If you interested please get a parent to contact me.

I don't allow viewing. The reason for that is smell is their best sense and if a new smell enters my room I stand a change that the mom can eat or reject the babies. I can't put my babies and hedgehogs at risk for somebody that might want to buy a hedgehog. Other people already paid a deposit and it's my responsibility to look after their new pets they fell in-love with and my own hedgehogs.  

Important NOTICE: 

*  If you bought a hedgehog from somebody else or got one from somebody please note that I can't help with advise on the animal.  I don't know the qualify nor the animal's personality and I'm not a vet. Please consult a vet or the person from whom you bought / received.

*  I don't buy hedgehogs if you don't want them anymore.

*  The best one is these people that did not buy a hedgehog from me but expects me to sell their animals because they don't want them anymore.  No, I don't sell your babies or your adults on behalf of you. You wanted this animal or decided to breed them, it is your responsibility to find a home for them.

*  No you can't use my males to breed with your females.

*  No I don't help with breeding, it is complicated yes.  It was your choice to breed. 

Please take note that I sell PETS.  I raise each and every baby with love and care.

If you do enquire and I sense that your intentions are not to have this animal as a pet but for any culture traditional reason, I am sorry but you are then at the wrong breeder.  I will not reply to your message.  

Note 22 November 2019:  Dealing with the public might not always be easy.

I'm not out to scam anyone if you feel that way refer to my "happy owners page" on my website - Page 3, it speaks for itself.  If you do feel that I'm a scam please do not contact me, I don't force anybody to buy from me and I've been doing this for 6.5 years.

This is only a hobby for me (a passion for these animals), I'm working full time. I won't entertain any rude phone calls or correspondence anymore, I don't deserve it.  You treat me with respect and I treat you with respect.  Yes scamming is a reality and I also got scammed with final payments but I'm not taking it out on my wonderful clients. 

If you can't treat me with respect please do not contact me.

Take the time and read through a website before you buy, 95% of people contacting me didn't read my website.

Please click on below photo's to navigate you to the different pages on my website.

Navigation is also available right on top of the website.

Please take the time to read my website, you need to know what and from whom you buying

As as breeder it's my responsibility to make sure my animals are going to the best homes I can find for them and therefore I reserve the right to make the final decision to whom I sell my hedgehogs.



I'm very proud of this page, all the photos are from Hedgehogs4u clients


Get ready for your new baby in the correct environment


This page will give you more info about hedgehogs, please read to the bottom of the page.

What is a Hedgehog?

Hedgehogs are a small, insectivorous mammal that can be found throughout the world. The once I'm selling are called African Pygmy hedgehogs and they are domestic animals.

You don't need a permit for an African Pygmy hedgehog in Gauteng as they are classified as an exotic pet. The average African Pygmy Hedgehog weights about 500g, fits in your hand. Your pet should be kept indoors at normal room temperature (22 - 28 degrees). You will need a heating pad in the winter to keep them warm.

A hedgehog needs a cage with good ventilation (NOT a fish tank type of cage). They can be fed a good quality dry cat food, need bedding in their cage, a house, water bottle, food bowl and a running wheel for exercise to keep them fit and healthy. I recommend a running wheel that doesn't have a smooth level like a bowl as your hedgie might slip off and get hurt, it should have a solid / soft-lining on the inside.

You form your own hedgehog once it's going home (yes their is a secret behind this that I share with my new hedgehog owners).

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